Terms of Use and Conditions

  • Classes are paid in advance via TransferWise by debit card, credit card or bank transfer.
  • There are no cancellations of classes, just modifications with 24 hours in advance by email. If time of the class is changed with less than 24 hour notice, the class will be charged, except in case of emergency (read Time changes or Cancellations below).
  • No-shows will be charged.
  • If the student does not show up after 10 minutes from the scheduled time without notification, the class will be charged.
  • After finishing your reservation you will receive a confirmation by email.
  • All transactions are final. There are no refunds for classes.
  • Class packages are monthly (read Block of lessons below).


Duration of the lessons

The duration of the classes is 50 minutes, so the student and the teacher can have a 10 minute break and go to the toilet, take some fresh air or simply stretch their legs before the following meeting which usually starts on the clock.

Teacher will text the student on Skype on the clock to start the videocall as soon as the student is ready.

For example, the teacher will text the student at 9:00 o’clock and the call will end at 9:50.

Class recording (temporarily unavailable)

AB ONLINE SPANISH gives the student the option of recording the lessons in order to review mistakes and improve pronunciation. In this case, the teacher can also improve the following classes or have more material.

In case you want your class to be recorded, please let me know by email or through the contact form.

Class videos will not be distributed under any circumstances. They are only for the student and the teacher.


Trial Lesson

The trial lesson is free and lasts approximately 30 minutes. You are under absolutely no obligation to take any more lessons after the trial lesson. When you book a trial session, you also agree with the following:

  • In the event that you need to reschedule your trial session appointment, AB ONLINE SPANISH requests that you notify 24 hours before the scheduled time.


Blocks of Lessons

Class packages are monthly. For example, if for the next month the student decides to take 2 classes a week, she/he will pay for a package of 8 classes; depending on the length of the month and the time classes agreed.

  • If you are a new student and the month has already started you have 2 options:
  • 1) you can pay now for the rest of the month, and when the next month starts pay the following block for the whole month, or…
  • 2) you can make one payment now for the rest of the month and the following month block,
  • whichever is easier for you.

The minimum amount of lessons per week is 2. One class a week is not enough to keep pace with study and adequate progress.

Classes cannot be booked more than 2 months in advance and less than 24 hours before the start of the class.

Before starting a new package the student will agree with the teacher how many classes she/he wants per week. We will commit to this. In case of any rescheduling it will be for the same or the following week apart from regular amount of lessons. Read Time changes or Cancellations below.


Payment and fees

Payment must be made before the start of the lesson in full. A time class must be agreed by both parties before payment is sent.

Because lesson packages are monthly, if you get your salary or earnings at the beginning of the month you can pay until the 10th.

AB ONLINE SPANISH is not responsible for any additional bank fees, interest charges, finance charges, over draft charges, or other fees.

The company reserves the right to change the fees, but will notify you in advance of increases before any payment is done according to the new prices.



«If you are a student and bring a friend, free class for you and your friend in your next purchase». Please, remember that payments are not refundable, so the school cannot give discounts on previous payments.

  • The New Student, after having her/his Free Trial Class and decided to purchase Regular Classes, will send a message through the Contact Form saying the full name and email of the Current Student.
  • Then, the New Student will just book the first Regular Class on the calendar on the website (clicking on the wanted package on the page www.abonlinespanish.com/online-course/).
  • The New Student will receive the instructions for the payment, as usual, but with the exact amount to pay without the price of one class.
  • After paying this amount, the New Student will get an email with the confirmation of payment and the confirmation of the class, and the Current Student will receive an email confirming she/he has a a free class on her/his next purchase.


Time Changes or Cancellations

There are no cancellations of classes, just modifications.

Modification of time classes are need to be done before 24 hours of the start of the lesson, otherwise the class will be charged.

In case, the student can NOT attend the lesson due to an emergency, the session must be rescheduled, always in the same week, except if the teacher or student do not have hours available. In this case, the lesson will be rescheduled for the following week always apart from regular amount of classes. If the student wants to have half or less than the full class, this will be charged in full. Emergencies have to be notified as soon as possible. Of course, health is first.

Accumulation of work is NOT considered an emergency. All of us need to organize our schedule and be responsible with our commitments, which include work and Spanish classes.

Last minute work meeting can be considered an emergency, but the class has to be rescheduled for the same or the following week apart from regular amount of lessons, if the teacher or student do not have too much availability on the current week. In this case, the student will notify as soon as possible, always before the start of the class.

After the start of the class and before the first 10 minutes, the student has to notify the teacher that she/he is in a meeting and needs to be waited, indicating if possible how long. In case the teacher do not receive any notification, the lesson will considered no show and will be charged.

If the student have not notified before the start of the class and cannot take it for any duration because she/he is in a meeting, the lesson will be charged.

As I mentioned before, if the student wants to have less than full duration of the class, the lesson will be charged in full, under any circumstances.

In conclusion, there has to be a regularity of classes in order to be consistent in the study and practise of the language. In case of rescheduling, it needs to be done for the same week, or the following apart from regular amount of lessons, due to an emergency or not.

In order to modify a class, the student needs to go to the website www.abonlinespanish.com/book-a-free-trial-class (even if it is not a trial class, it is the same calendar on the website) and book the new lesson. In comments she/he will indicate: «Por cancelación de clase/lección del día X» saying the cause of the emergency when is less than 24 hours before the class. I do not need details, just the reason.


Holidays and Sick Days

Teacher’s holidays will be known as soon as possible.

Student must notify holidays as soon as possible, preferably before the start of the month.

For whatever reason the teacher or the student is not able to make the lesson, included sickness, the payment sent may be used to reschedule the class, the same week or the following, of course with 24 hours notice if it is possible.

Remember there are no cancellations, just modifications. If you can NOT attend a class because of sickness, you can reschedule the lesson for the same week or for the following week always apart from regular amount of lessons.


If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to inform me via the contact form or email if you are a current student.

Last update: 11/08/2021. Checked on: 09/10/2021.