This section includes the testimonials of my students around the world.

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As a business owner with a family, Álvaro can work very well with my busy schedule and be flexible. Lessons are focussed exactly where my gaps are, and we balance the classes well between conversational Spanish, grammar exercises and creative variations to keep it fresh. Álvaro is attentive, knowledgeable and has seemingly monk-like patience. I see the value in a one on one sessions with Álvaro and highly recommend him.
from England
As an adult student, Alvaro has made lessons fun and does a great transition to from doing the lesson in English/Spanish to Spanish that allows for a good experience while maximizing learning.
from Trinidad and Tobago
我上过Álvaro老师的西班牙语B2-C1课程,虽然时间不长,但受益良多。 课程安排的很有条理,Álvaro老师授课也很认真,讲解非常细致。对我的帮助很大。 老师有丰富的授课经验,会根据学生的个人情况安排作业练习,并且会在课程中详细的解答学生疑问。 老师会记得学生的语法薄弱之处,授课过程中常常提点,使薄弱的语言点得到巩固。 如果你也正在学习西班牙语,推荐Álvaro老师。 // Álvaro was my teacher of the B2-C1 Spanish course. Although it is not that long, it was very benificial. Álvaro is very professional and experienced in teaching, and he is a detail oriented teacher. The course was very organized, and everything was well explained. He will arrange homework and exercises based on my grammar weakness. And in the class of next time, he will clarify your doubts patiently. So if you want to learn spanish as well, Álvaro is well recommended.
from China
Alvaro s'est montré très flexible, très encourageant et n'a pas hésité à appuyer sur les points bloquants à travers d'exercices variés et ludiques. Il fait beaucoup parlé ses élèves de sorte à corriger immédiatement les erreurs et savoir vers quoi se diriger pour les prochaines lessons, évitant ainsi l'ennui de suivre un livre page apres page. Merci! // Álvaro fue muy flexible, muy alentador y no dudó en presionar los puntos de bloqueo a través de ejercicios variados y divertidos. Hace que sus alumnos hablen mucho para que corrijan inmediatamente los errores y sepan a dónde ir para las próximas lecciones, evitando así el aburrimiento de seguir un libro página tras página. ¡Gracias!
from France
I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson with Alvaro. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the lesson and I found myself trying to speak more in Spanish than ever before. That is fantastic as I'm so hesitant with my limited knowledge. He gently guided me through my mistakes and I feel that I learned more in that 1 hour than I have in months and months of trying to learn. I'm looking forward to continuing with Alvaro.
from Trinidad and Tobago
Je suis des cours d’Espagnol avec Alvaro Bonino depuis 3 mois et deja je profite quotidiennement dans mon travail des progres accomplis. Alvaro Bonino dispose de sa propre methode, mais il sait aussi s’adapter a mes demandes d’eclaircissements. Je le recommande sans retenue. // Estudio español con Álvaro desde hace 3 meses y ya puedo ver los resultados en mi día a día. Álvaro tiene su metodología, pero se adapta a pedidos personales. Recomiendo sus clases sin duda.
from France
At flytte til Spanien når man er helt grønt på sproget er en udfordring. Heldigvis har Alvaros målrettede klasser og dygtig vejledning gjort det muligt for mig at forbedre mit spansk hurtigt. Alvaro er god til at skabe et roligt og sikkert læringsmiljø, og han vil hurtigt finde dit niveau og løfte dig derfra. Hvis du har en kompliceret dagsorden, vil du sætte pris på, at Alvaro viser en høj grad af fleksibilitet til at imødekomme dine behov. Varm anbefaling herfra! // Relocating to Spain while being completely green in the language is a challenge. Thankfully Alvaro's targeted classes and skillful guidance have allowed me to improve my Spanish quickly. Alvaro is great at creating a calm and safe learning environment and he will quickly find your level and lift you from there. If you have a complicated agenda you will appreciate that Alvaro shows a high level of flexibility to accommodate to your needs. Warm recommendations from here!
from Denmark