Mis Películas Favoritas

Portada de Empatía (fuente: www.cameo.es)


Año: 2017.

Duración: 75 minutos.

País: España.

Dirección: Ed Antoja.

Sinopsis: Ed is commissioned to make a documentary to try to change the habits of society that harm animals. But totally oblivious to the world of animal protection, he will realize that before carrying out the project he must convince himself. To overcome it, Ed will rely on the experience of 5 people who adopted this same lifestyle and the opinions of several experts. (Official website: www.documentalempatia.com)

In my opinion it is the most complete Latin documentary in terms of study, reasons, statistics on the rights and protection of animals, and how their exploitation influences our lives and the Planet.

You can see it on its official website www.documentalempatia.com, where you can find several options such as online viewing, online rental or the purchase of the DVD.

Portada de Ocho apellidos vascos


Año: 2014.

Duración: 98 minutos.

País: España.

Dirección: Emilio Martínez-Lázaro.

Sinopsis: Rafa (Dani Rovira) is a young Andalusian gentleman who has never had to leave his native Seville to get the only thing that matters in life: the fine, the hair, Betis and women. Everything changes when he meets a woman who resists his charms: it is Amaia (Clara Lago), a Basque girl. Determined to conquer her, he moves to a town in the Vascongadas, where he pretends to be a Basque to overcome her resistance. He adopts the name of Antxon and several Basque surnames: Arguiñano, Igartiburu, Erentxun, Gabilondo, Urdangarín, Otegi, Zubizarreta … and Clemente. (FILMAFFINITY)

Very funny Spanish comedy where you can appreciate the cultural differences between Basques and Andalusians, that is, between the north and the south of the country.

Portada de Ocho apellidos catalanes


Año: 2015.

Duración: 99 minutos.

País: España.

Dirección: Emilio Martínez-Lázaro.

Sinopsis: The alarms of Koldo (Karra Elejalde) are lit when he notices that his daughter Amaia (Clara Lago), after breaking with Rafa (Dani Rovira), has fallen in love with a Catalan (Berto Romero). He then decides to head to Seville to convince Rafa to accompany him to Catalonia to rescue Amaia from the arms of the young man and his environment. (FILMAFFINITY)

To this sequel of «Eight Basque surnames» is added one more culture, the Catalan one. No less fun than the first, the story is much more entangled.

Portada de El Bola


Año: 2000.

Duración: 84 minutos.

País: España.

Dirección: Achero Mañas.

Sinopsis: El Bola is a 12-year-old boy who lives in a violent and sordid atmosphere. His family situation, which he conceals with shame, makes him unable to relate and communicate with other children. The arrival of a new classmate gives him the opportunity to discover friendship and a completely different family reality. All this will give him the necessary strength to accept and also face his own situation. (FILMAFFINITY)

Hard Spanish drama that narrates the reality of a teenager with conflicts at home that do not let him be happy and enjoy childhood.

Winner of 4 Goya Awards for Best Film, Best New Actor, Best Novel Direction and Best Original Screenplay; El Bola has become a classic of Spanish cinema that you can not miss.

Portada de Camarón


Año: 2005.

Duración: 117 minutos.

País: España.

Dirección: Jaime Chávarri.

Sinopsis: Biography of the flamenco genius José Monge Cruz, known as «Camarón de la Isla». A journey through his life and work, an approach to this great flamenco singer who innovated flamenco, influenced the new generations and broke social and artistic barriers. His desires, his successes, his struggles are the ingredients of a personal trajectory and are reflected in his peculiar way of understanding flamenco. The film is divided into three stages: discovery, confirmation and recognition and farewell. In each of them the artist appears accompanied by characters from the flamenco culture such as Paco de Lucía, Tomatito or Paco Cepero. (FILMAFFINITY)

If you want to meet one of the greatest artists of modern Spanish culture, do not miss this very entertaining film that tells in detail the professional career and the way of being of the best flamenco singer of all time.

Portada de Eva Perón (fuente:www.sensacine.com)


Año: 1996.

Duración: 114 minutos.

País: Argentina.

Dirección: Juan Carlos Desanzo.

Sinopsis: The film tells the story of the beloved First Lady of Argentina, Eva Duarte de Perón, when she appeared for the position of vice president. Her charismatic personality and sympathy is evident during the famous August 1951 rally where her followers encourage her to move forward. (SENSACINE)

Of the little dignity in politics that Argentina has had since we have memory. Magistral characterization of the first actress that shows all the true charisma and personality of Evita.

Portada de El Hijo de la Novia


Año: 2001.

Duración: 124 minutos.

País: Argentina.

Dirección: Juan José Campanella.

Sinopsis: Rafael Belvedere is a man of forty who can not find his place in the world. He runs a restaurant founded by his father Nino. His obsessive personality leads him to believe that everything can be stopped if he does not deal with each issue personally. Rafael just wants to be left alone. But a series of unexpected events will force Rafael to rethink his situation. And on the way, he will offer support to his father to fulfill the old dream of his mother.

Starring Ricardo Darín, without a doubt the most famous Argentine actor and ticket seller. Who wants to know how Argentines are, you can not miss this tape, which represents in detail the eccentricity, joy and intensity that characterizes my countrymen.

Portada de Diarios de Motocicleta


Año: 2004.

Duración: 128 minutos.

País: Argentina.

Dirección: Walter Salles.

Sinopsis: In 1952, being the «Che» Guevara (Gael García Bernal) medical student, he toured South America, with his friend Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna), on a ramshackle motorcycle. Ernesto is a 23-year-old medical student specializing in leprosy. Alberto is a 29 years old biochemical. Both youngsters embark on a voyage of discovery of the rich and complex human and social topography of the Latin American continent. The two left behind the familiar surroundings of Buenos Aires in a rickety Norton motorcycle of 500 cc, imbued with a romantic spirit of adventure. (FILMAFFINITY)

Very good story and entertaining film for all those who love to travel and learn about different cultures like me.

Portada de No sos vos, soy yo


Año: 2004.

Duración: 102 minutos.

País: Argentina.

Dirección: Juan Taratuto.

Sinopsis: Javier, a thirty-something doctor who is newly married, plans to start a new life in the United States with María. Just before leaving for Miami to meet his wife, she calls him to confess that he has fallen in love with another and ended their relationship. Javier is desperate, she is his life and does not know what to do. So he tries to take refuge in the sofa of his psychoanalyst, in his friends and in the dog he has just bought; all to overcome his inability to be alone and forget that betrayal. (FILMAFFINITY)

For those who want to laugh a while, I present this romantic comedy starring one of the Argentine latest comedians Diego Peretti.

Portada de Nosotros los nobles


Año: 2013.

Duración: 90 minutos.

País: México.

Dirección: Gary Alazraki.

Sinopsis: Germán Noble is a manipulative and powerful businessman who decides to feign bankruptcy to teach his three frivolous and useless children a lesson. (FILMAFFINITY)

Very good Mexican comedy that tells a lot of humor about the history of the current teenagers who are too spoiled or ‘consentidos’ – as one would say in Mexico – by the well-to-do Mexican classes.

Portada de Un padre no tan padre


Año: 2016.

Duración: 94 minutos.

País: México.

Dirección: Raúl Martínez.

Sinopsis: When Don Servando Villegas, 85, a good old Mexican patriarch is expelled from his retirement home, his youngest son, Francisco, takes him to his home. Don Servando is about to discover the truth about his son and his way of life. (FILMAFFINITY)

I loved this movie in which an old school man has to adapt to the modern times of more open and relaxed people.

Portada de La misma luna


Año: 2007.

Duración: 109 minutos.

País: México.

Dirección: Patricia Riggen.

Sinopsis: Hoping to give her son a better life, Rosario works illegally in the United States, while her mother takes care of Carlitos in Mexico. Unexpected circumstances lead both Rosario and Carlitos to embark on their own journeys, in a desperate attempt to reunite. Along the way, the mother and son face challenges and obstacles, but never lose hope that one day they will be together. (FILMAFFINITY)

A moving story through which thousands of migrants from Latin America pass every day on the border between Mexico and the United States.

Portada de Hija de la laguna


Año: 2015.

Duración: 87 minutos.

País: Perú.

Dirección: Ernesto Cabellos.

Sinopsis: Nélida, a woman in the Andes who talks to the water spirits, uses her faculties to confront a mining company that threatens to destroy the lagoon that she considers her mother. Just below the Nélida lagoons, lies a rich gold deposit that confronts farmers who fear running out of water with the largest gold mine in South America. (FILMAFFINITY)

Film as a documentary that narrates the exploitation suffered by both people and the environment because of the greed of money and power of companies. A bit slow movie, but it’s worth the 80 minutes long.